A quick update on what's been going on recently at findmypast Ireland.

Well, it's incredibly busy as you'd expect from a new business - we've been hiring like crazy to recruit the final few members of the team that will support you when we go live, preparing our launch plans, sharpening pencils and 1001 other things. But we know that's not what you want to hear about...you really want to know about the records and the website.

Findmypast Ireland has been set up with the same values as findmypast.co.uk: we want to offer you the best, most accurate records available and to make your family history research easier.

We've been beavering away behind the scenes for quite some time now to build a collection of fantastic resources to help you trace your family history across the island of Ireland. This has involved tracking down and digitising the millions of records that we'll bring to you at launch - we're now at the stage of bringing them to life.

Our data team has been very busy in the past few weeks pulling all the records together, testing databases, doing quality & accuracy checks and tuning the searches that you'll be using on the website. Their work won't end there - we have a lot more very exciting records in the pipeline, and you'll be seeing frequent new additions over the course of the first year and beyond.

The website team have also been busy building the main areas of the site, and our product team have been pulling together the online resources you'll need to get the most out of the website. But again, neither team will be resting on their laurels any time soon: as well as the record searches you'll be seeing at launch we have a range of features and tools being built to make your family history research easier, and you'll see some of those in the months after launch as well.

So, in summary, lots of furious work at our end - we've still got a way to go, but the pieces are coming together, and we're very excited as we see them coming to life. We look forward to telling you more soon!