This is the last weekend of the Dublin Theatre Festival and your last chance to see some of the incredible plays that have been filling the city for the last couple of weeks. We’ve picked three that we think will be of particular interest to those of you with an interest in Irish history.

World’s End Lane

The new play documents the history of one of Dublin’s most notorious areas. For 100 years Monto in Dublin’s North Inner City was the largest red light district in Europe, it has been immortalised by everyone from the Dubliner’s, in the song “Take me up to Monto”,  to James Joyce, Nighttown in Ulyssess.  The area was effectively shut down by the Catholic Church in 1925. This play layers the history of the area with a human story presented to an audience of just three. This Saturday is your last chance to see it so be sure not to miss out.

Official Site: World’s End Lane


Laundy is staged as part of a larger project including "World’s End Lane" which seeks to document the history of a quarter mile of Dublin’s North Inner City. It is a site specific production which takes place in the notorious Gloucester Street Magdalene Convent. The Magadalen laundries are another black spot in Irish history, where women who were believed to deviant, at rick, socially undesirable or mentally unstable were brought to work.

The play walks a small audience through the rooms and halls of the now disused convent where they bare witness to the daily lives of the women.  The play has been receiving rave reviews since it opened and has been leaving lasting impressions an all who have attended.

Official Site: Laundry

Juno and the Paycock

Sean O’Casey’s classic is here presented as a joint effort between the Abbey Theatre and the National Theatre of Great Britain. Set against the back drop of Civil War Ireland in 1922 it tells the story of the Boyle family, primarily Juno, the mother working to support the family and “Captain Jack” the work shy father. The play is a fantastic depiction of the conditions in Ireland at the time and also the effect the civil War had on Irish families. This star studded production features Sinead Cusack, Gregory Hinds and Risteard Cooper.

Official Site: Juno and the Paycock

We know you won't fit them all in but do try and catch some of these excellent Irish plays before they finish!