We’re delighted to announce the launch of our Hall of Heroes. It’s a celebration of heroic figures and exciting stories of bravery – from unsung underdogs to military medal winners.

To mark the launch of the ‘Hall of Heroes’, we’re also releasing new record sets, including the Victoria Cross Recipients 1854-2006. This wonderful set contains the 1,349 people awarded the highest military decoration for valour in the face of the enemy during conflicts such as the Crimean War, the Boer War, Indian Mutiny, and both World Wars. The VC is a simple bronze cross. It has been awarded only 14 times since World War I

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Unsung heroes

The Hall of Heroes will celebrate the actions of all types of heroes, including men, women, children and animals. One of our first heroes is Tom Crean, aka the Irish Giant. Tom Crean left home in County Kerry at 15 to join the Royal Navy, and then became an Antarctic explorer. Among other exploits, Tom is famous for walking 35 miles alone across treacherous terrain (with just a little chocolate and a couple of biscuits to sustain him) to seek aid at the end of the tragic Terra Nova Expedition.

Inspirational Women

Dr James Barry, a brilliant physician who served in the army as a celebrated surgeon and formidable soldier, and performed the first ever emergency caesarean on a kitchen table in 1826. Unbeknownst to his colleagues, friends, and acquaintances (including one Florence Nightinglae), Barry was secretly a woman, born Margaret Ann Bulkley. Margaret disguised herself as a man from the age of 14 in order to receive training as a doctor. She remained ‘James’ until her death in 1865.

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