Our Britain Business Indexes 1892-1987 collection contains over 4,000 records from the Society of Genealogists. These records contain details of British shopkeepers, businessmen and women and their companies.

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One of the record set's defining features are the vignette style photographs of people offering their services. Take a look at some of our favourite entries of artists in the collection.

Frederick George Christmas

Not only does he have one of the best names in existence, Mr. Christmas also enjoys the most manly of manly pursuits: billiards, motoring and golf. We bet he's really just a big softy at heart.

Miss. A.B. Ellis

Archaic terms like, 'flourishing concern' are just one of the things we love about sifting through our old records. Back in the day, people just had a more wonderful turn of phrase.

Bernard Adams

Cheer up, Bernard, it might never happen.

Miss. E. Ruth Bannister

Captain Adrian Jones

Here we have two fantastic examples of how facial hair styles have come full circle. Miss. Bannister would fit right in with the 'scouse brows' of modern-day Liverpool, while the Captain's full, bushy moustache would give any self-respecting hipster a run for their money.

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Mrs. A. Alston

You can tell Mrs. Alston was an artist. 'Fancy looking at the camera, Mrs. Alston?' 'No, I'm fine looking at the floor, thanks. It gives me a moody vibe that really resonates with the work I'm producing right now.'

Philip Alexius de Laszlo de Lombos

A mouthful of a name, a stern look, fine facial hair, and a poncy hat. Philip isn't just looking for business, he means it. And the beautiful portrait below shows he can put his money where his mustachioed mouth is.

Portrait by Philip Alexius de Laszlo

Mrs. Andrea Angel

Isn't it about time we brought back 'gentlewoman' as a term of endearment?

Colin Agnew

You know someone's a real artist when they eschew a photo of themselves in favour of a pencil sketch self-portrait.

Mrs. Mildred Jennings

Artist and entrepreneur, Mrs. Jennings must have been one of the first peoepl to convince rich peoepel to pay through the roof for things peasants saw as mundane and everyday. Bravo to her!

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