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Genetic Genealogy ›

19 June, 2012

In this month’s Eneclann expert post Fiona looks at genetic genealogy. DNA: Here’s Y. My first introduction to genetic-genealogy was in 2009, when Eneclann was recruited to work on a new television series presented by Professor Henry Louis Gates – Faces of America.  The relationship was a happy one, and we subsequently provided research for Finding Your Roots. The premise… Read more ›

The Petty Sessions order books ›

22 May, 2012

This week Fiona Fitzsimons takes a look at the Petty Sessions orders books, available exclusively on findmypast.ie, and explains their immense value as a source of genealogical information for those tracing their Irish family history.

The Landed Estate Court Rentals ›

9 May, 2012

If you already know where in Ireland your ancestor farmed/resided or if you can find them in Griffith’s Valuation then you should examine the Landed Estates Court Rentals, to see if you can find out more about them.  In this week’s Eneclann expert post Fiona gives a brief description of this source and its use to genealogists. Origins By the… Read more ›

Griffith’s Valuation, the gateway to Irish research ›

24 April, 2012

In this week’s Eneclann expert post Fiona explains the importance of Griffith’s Valuation as a gateway to further research.

The Registry of Deeds ›

4 April, 2012

In this week’s expert guest post Fiona addresses two of the most popular questions asked by those starting out on their Irish family history research: “What is the Registry of Deeds? and Who is recorded in the documents held there?”

The Quagmire of Administrative Districts – Part 2 ›

21 March, 2012

This week in part 2 of a 2 part post Fiona explains some more of the myriad of names associated with Irish administrative districts such as: poor law unions, dispensary districts and registrars districts.

The Quagmire of Administrative Districts ›

6 March, 2012

In this, the first part of a two part post, Fiona explains some of the myriad of names associated with Irish administrative districts, essential for getting a grasp of Irish family history records.

Search Tip – Class Systems ›

21 February, 2012

This week Eneclann’s Research Director, Fiona Fitzsimons, explains why, when researching your family history, you have to allow that in times past social practices were very different.

The Representative Church Body Library (Part 2) ›

7 February, 2012

Eneclann’s Fiona Fitzsimons explains which records from the Representative Church Body Library are of greatest use to those involved in genealogical research

The Representative Church Body Library (part 1) ›

24 January, 2012

Essential background information on the Representative Church Body Library and its potential use in your Irish family history research.

Marriage License Bonds ›

10 January, 2012

In the first of 2012’s Eneclann expert guest posts, Fiona Fitzsimons explains Irish Marriage Licence Bonds. ‘ By the 17th century marriage was fairly well defined, but there were still many ways of entering into it.  For persons of property it involved a series of distinct steps. ‘ The first was a written legal contract between the two parties about… Read more ›

Irish Burial Records and Gravestones ›

13 December, 2011

In the first of December’s Eneclann expert guest posts, Fiona Fitzsimons gives you a guide to what you need to know about Irish burial records and gravestones before you start research