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The Men of the WW1 Wills ›

12 February, 2013

The men in the WWI records left their belongings to their mothers, fathers, sisters and aunts more often than they left them to wives.  Very few of the records mention specific bequests, they can have had little to leave behind other than the wages owed to them by the army.  These small legacies were not the only mark they made.… Read more ›

The Green Redcoats ›

14 December, 2012

There are over 10,000 Irishmen recorded in the Kilmainham Pension records and they represent the ordinary men who signed up to serve with the British Army in Ireland during the late eighteenth and early nineteenth century.  Many, as is revealed by the documents, were illiterate labourers and probably joined the army as it offered a secure income and the chance… Read more ›

A fit Object of His Majesty’s Royal Bounty ›

10 December, 2012

We conceive it unreasonable, that such Persons who have faithfully served Us in Our Army, whilst their Health and Strength continued, should, when by Age, Wounds or other Infirmities, they are disabled from serving Us any longer, be discharged without any Care be taken for their future Subsistence After receiving a Royal Charter from Charles II in 1679 the Royal… Read more ›

The Irish Brontës ›

23 November, 2012

Charlotte Brontë, the celebrated British author, had strong links to Ireland.

Irish convicts Down Under – the good and the bad ›

12 November, 2012

We take a look at two examples of the good and the bad of Irish convicts who were sent Down Under.

The Irish in Britain ›

5 November, 2012

A quick look at some really interesting statistics on the Irish in Britain up to 1914.

Small Lives – Photographs of Irish Childhood 1860-1970 ›

26 October, 2012

Our own Aoife O’Connor, editor of Small Lives – Photographs of Irish Childhood 1860-1970, talks about two of the fascinating stories which emerged from the book during her research.

Byrne’s Irish Times Abstracts 1859-1901 ›

23 October, 2012

Oscar Wilde featured in our newest record set Byrne’s Irish Times Abstracts 1859-1901. heads to Irish Fest Milwaukee ›

20 July, 2012

This August we’ll be packing our bags for Milwaukee, Wisconsin and Irish Fest 2012.

The Sun King’s Irish Galley Slaves ›

19 July, 2012

In this first post in a new series we explore a rare and unusual ‘offline’ source for seventeenth and eighteenth century prisoners in the galley ships of France during the reign of Louis XIV.

Genetic Genealogy ›

19 June, 2012

In this month’s Eneclann expert post Fiona looks at genetic genealogy. DNA: Here’s Y. My first introduction to genetic-genealogy was in 2009, when Eneclann was recruited to work on a new television series presented by Professor Henry Louis Gates – Faces of America.  The relationship was a happy one, and we subsequently provided research for Finding Your Roots. The premise… Read more ›